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AKTION LEBENSRETTER (Lebensretter = Lifesaver) raises funds for children and women in the slums of the Indian capital New Delhi. The donations are administered by the local non-profit organization PROJECT WHY, that is running several educational centers in Delhi to help the poorest of the poor help themselves.

The collected funds of AKTION LEBENSRETTER go to the KAMALA CENTER FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN and the CHILDREN’S CHANCE PROGRAM, both institutions of Project Why. Since we personally take care of all charges and fees, every cent of your donations goes directly to the project. So far, AKTION LEBENSRETTER has been able to raise about 40,000 € in 11 years.

Some time ago, Project Why opened the KAMALA CENTER FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN in one of the poorest areas of New Delhi. The center is a refuge for abused mothers and their children, provides education for local youths and women and runs a kindergarten and a primary school. Since a lot of the slum kids cannot go to school, the ambitious education in the Kamala Center provides the children with an alternative to a life on the street and a CHANCE FOR A BETTER FUTURE. Slum women are trained here to become seamstresses, beauticians and jewelry manufacturers. The more children and women can be taught here, the better the chances for the slum inhabitants will be.

After AKTION LEBENSRETTER has helped set up the Kamala Center, we ensured the preservation of the center with our funds. In a very short time, the institution has not only become the hope of hundreds of children who have never sat in a classroom before but also the light at the end of the tunnel of many suffering women who want to take their destiny into their own hands. In order for the slum children and women to keep receiving education here, AKTION LEBENSRETTER took a share in the monthly expenses for rent and maintenance and provides furniture and educational material.

The CHILDREN’S CHANCE PROGRAM caters to the cases that seem particularly hopeless. It enables abandoned or neglected children and (half-)orphans to attend a boarding school. Despite these difficult conditions, the children are exceptionally bright, well-mannered and eager for knowledge. AKTION LEBENSRETTER sponsors the boarding and education of a very special young lady – BABLI.

Enchanting BABLI was born with a serious heart problem. Since her parents could not afford her medical treatment, they did not feel the need to invest in her future and therefore did not provide her with enough food or send her to school. Instead they made Babli do the housework or replace her father at work. AKTION LEBENSRETTER saved Babli’s life by co-financing her urgent heart surgery and post-care and has since been covering the costs of her medication. Babli’s big dream is to become a police officer. We want to help her realize this dream by sending her to a boarding school that provides a very good and value-oriented education.

We also sponsored the half-orphan ADITYA who attends the boarding school as well. At her wedding, Aditya’s mother Neha had still been a child herself, and when Aditya’s father died, the rest of his family abandoned them. When Neha was diagnosed with tuberculosis, AKTION LEBENSRETTER paid for her medical treatment and saved her from a life in a wheelchair. Neha is still very weak and cannot take care of her son. Despite of his destiny and his often empty stomach, Aditya belonged to the project’s liveliest and cleverest children. He is a true sunshine!
Both Babli and Aditya have great potential to escape the vicious circle of poverty and – with the proper education – become the hope of the slum. They already are top of their class at the boarding school and function as our “mascots” as you can see on this website!

On a regular basis, AKTION LEBENSRETTER flies to Delhi to ensure the successful distribution of the collected donations. In addition to our fundraising activities, we conduct CREATIVE WORKSHOPS with the slum children and women. In February 2009, we wrote and recorded a song with the slum children in which they sing about their dreams and wishes: “I WISH“.
We also organize charity concerts in Germany where we collect further donations for AKTION LEBENSRETTER.


If you like to get in touch with us or make a donation from outside of Germany, please contact Sabrina and Christian Schönborn (